There's only truth here, nothing else.
Q: is this habeel?

no this is patrick

asked by Anonymous

"sometimes all it takes is a little push" my mom is that little push

This, too, makes it feel better; talking to myself but I’m putting it into words.

Hurting myself makes it feel better.

I hate how I tear up when I’m really angry.

i feel like i’m getting closer and closer to self harm. i don’t want to do it. i think it’s stupid. but sometimes it feels good to actually feel something. even if it’s pain.


the feeling of not feeling any thing, like you’re empty, cold, and hollow inside is a very familiar feeling.


i dont get how the word “depressed” just roll off other people’s tongue. when i say it i feel a knife stabbing my chest.


i wish i was more focused on a specific thing as a kid so that im actually good at something and passionate about it. but no, im not good at anything and im not interested in anything. it feels like my whole life is a big waste of space.

When I’m sad, I write. But nobody ever listens.